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Lost your car key? " no problem we can program you a replacement fob/ key. You provide the blank fob and we'll program it for $60. 

  • Your fob or ours, well program it starting at $60 and up depending on if you're purchasing a fob through us * various makes and models require different fobs and prices may vary depending on availability of the fob*

  • If purchasing our fob/ key a deposit is needed to order your fob once delivered we will schedule an appointment to come program to the vehicle. If you have your own fob that needs to be programed call or text to arrange an appointment. The price for your fob programing is $30 trip charge $30 to program the key fob 60$ total. If your replacement fob is damaged or not a fob that is programmable the $30 trip charge is still Implemented and do upon arrival before any programming takes place.

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